Easily Upgrade UE/gNB emulator to 5G mmWave

Our latest FREE application note reveals the secret to easily upgrade UE/gNB emulator to 5G mmWave without adding any extra noise with thinkRF and TMY Technology Inc.

… Signaling communication tests are at the core of telecom researchers, baseband, and base station designers. Base station emulators enable these tests without the need to have the actual base stations, thereby, saving cost, effort, and time. As 5G communications expand more into mmWave design and development, it becomes imperative for 5G developers and designers to look for economical and efficient ways.

This FREE application note demonstrates the ability to extend sub-6 GHz emulator to 5G mmWave by using it with TMYTEK beamformer and TMYTEK up/down-converter without adding any extra noise.

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