A New Approach to Spectrum Analysis Equipment 

How an open, interoperable approach to RF analyzers allows you to build better spectrum analysis solutions.

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In this white paper, you will learn...
How the wireless landscape is  changing
A closed, proprietary approach to spectrum analysis no longer works. See how an open approach is changing the game for RF analysis equipment. 
What an open, interoperable approach is
Build the RF analysis solution you need for wireless research, and seamlessly integrate with software such as Keysight 89600 VSA.  
Why software-defined spectrum analyzers
Innovative software-defined radio (SDR) technologies allow for increased flexibility and versatility. 
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"The way it’s always been done is no longer good enough, and users can no longer depend on closed solutions with little flexibility. Instead, today’s wireless landscape demands open, interoperable spectrum analysis solutions that make it possible to work with hardware, software, APIs, and programming environments from multiple vendors."

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