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Ottawa’s Internet of Things Ecosystem
Walter Knitl
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new paradigm increasingly underpinning our economic activity and way of life, and Ottawa is fast becoming a world-class center for it all.
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Strengthening of Canada-India commercial relationship
Strengthening of Canada-India commercial relationship
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
India is the world’s fastest growing major economy, and Canada’s relationship with India offers tremendous opportunities for increased business-to-business and people-to-people collaboration that will bolster our shared prosperity. ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, announced its expansion to India with the appointment of VigVen Tech Mark Pvt Ltd., an authorized reseller of electronic test equipment, as its channel partner for ThinkRF solutions in that region.
Telecom Tiger
VIAVI augments CellAdvisor base station analyzers
Telecom Tiger
VIAVI Solutions, on Thursday announced that, in collaboration with ThinkRF, the CellAdvisor JD700B Series of Base Station Analyzers have been augmented to analyze spectrum and interference of 5G signals in the 28 GHz frequency band. CellAdvisor has been adopted by several Tier-1 mobile service providers as a standard test platform and is familiar to their cell site technicians, riggers and contractors.
Microwave Journal
VIAVI, ThinkRF Collaborate to Monitor 5G Spectrum
Microwave Journal
ThinkRF announced a collaboration with VIAVI Solutions to help mobile operators, field technicians and wireless equipment providers monitor and test 5G spectrum and devices operating at 28 GHz. Working together, ThinkRF and VIAVI created a down-converter that extends any existing 2G/3G/4G test equipment to 5G frequencies in the range of 27 to 30 GHz.
RCRWirelessNews ThinkRF Collaborates with VIAVI for 5G
Viavi, ThinkRF extend existing test equipment frequency range to 5G
Canadian software-defined spectrum analysis company ThinkRF has racked up another big testing partnership, this time working with Viavi Solutions to produce a downconverter that extends the capabilities of existing 2G/3G/LTE equipment into “5G” frequencies, including 27-30 GHz.
Microwave Journal
How Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis is Advancing Spectrum Monitoring and SIGINT Applications
Microwave Journal
Today’s spectrum environment looks far different than it did in the recent past. New innovations, standards, and technologies such as 5G are driving frequency and bandwidth requirements well above what was previously required. Also, an increase in the number of wireless devices and the resulting complexity of signals has transformed the way we record, measure, analyze and monitor the signals around us.
Ottawa Business Journal - Wesley Clover leads $5M investment in Kanata’s ThinkRF
Wesley Clover leads $5M investment in Kanata’s ThinkRF
Ottawa Business Journal
ThinkRF, a local tech company that has developed a cutting-edge device aimed at thwarting terrorism and corporate espionage has landed $5 million in venture capital from one of the city’s top investment firms.
Microwave Journal
ThinkRF Releases Advanced ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
Microwave Journal
ThinkRF announced the release of the new ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, the latest product from one of the leading providers of advanced radio frequency test and measurement instruments.
Keysight Technologies
Keysight Technologies Industry-Leading Software Recognized as Optimum Platform for Spectrum Monitoring, Analysis
Keysight Technologies
Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced a collaboration with ThinkRF, a leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, to enable deep and consistent signal quality measurements across many different deployments and applications. The resulting solution, based on Keysight's industry-leading 89600 VSA software, sets a new standard for open, flexible and cost-effective spectrum monitoring and analysis.
EDN Network
Networked spectrum analyzer delivers in real time
Martin Rowe - EDN Network
ThinkRF, a company based in Ottawa, has released the R5500 real-time spectrum analyzer. This "faceless" instrument operates over Ethernet and is designed primarily for spectrum monitoring.
Three models are available, with bandwidths of 9 kHz to 8 GHz, 18 GHz, and 27 GHz. The R5500 has real-time capture bandwidths of 0.1 MHz, 10 MHz, 40 MHz and 100 MHz where the unit digitizes the signal bandwidths for analysis.