How to upgrade your sub-6 GHz T&M to mmWave quickly and economically?

Check out our latest FREE app note to reduce time & cost when upgrading your sub-6 GHz T&M equipment to mmWave with thinkRF and TMY Technology Inc.

… Today’s high-band signal standards are using higher frequencies and wider bandwidths than ever before. Mobile operators and system integrators can retain existing field, lab, and manufacturing test equipment, extend the life of their investment, and reduce time to market and costs when measuring 5G signals in a variety of deployment scenarios and applications.

This application note describes the integration of TMYTEK UD Box 5G up/down-converter with the thinkRF R5500 real-time spectrum analyzer which will demonstrate the ability, to use existing sub-6 GHz spectrum analyzer to analyze 5G mmWave (FR2) signals.

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