Networked Spectrum Analyzers with GPS

How Software-Defined Radio Technologies are the Perfect Fit for Distributed and Mobile Monitoring Applications

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In this white paper, you will learn...
How you can deploy networked spectrum analyzers for wider coverage
Users can deploy a wireless sensor network (WSN) of multiple spectrum analyzers in a variety of topologies and architectures.
How to conduct advanced geolocation and direction finding
Embedded GPS capabilities let you synchronize units and conduct TDOA, FDOA, PDOA, and AOA analysis. 
How advances in software-defined analysis enables these capabilities
Innovative software-defined radio (SDR) technologies allow for increased flexibility and versatility. 
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"Everything from basic video streaming to entire utility grids now depend on reliable, high speed, and uninterrupted connectivity. This new reality has placed increased pressure on spectrum monitoring users, and is changing the requirements for spectrum analysis equipment."

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