RF Downconverters

D4000 RF Downconverter

Portable, High Performance, 5G Ready
  • Frequency downconversion to extend range to 24 – 40 GHz bands
  • Wideband 500 MHz bandwidth with 100 kHz tuning resolution
  • Single IF output and built-in pre-select filtering

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D4000 RF Downconverter for 5G spectrum analysis

Extend Existing RF Test Equipment to 40 GHz

The ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter extends existing RF test equipment to meet new high-band wireless standards.

The portable, high performance, and plug-and-play downconverter/tuner enables purpose-built, 5G-ready solutions for applications such as signal analysis, electronic warfare, spectrum monitoring, drive testing, transmission test, interference testing, and customer premise equipment test.

The compact device is the industry’s first 40 GHz RF Downconverter/Tuner to meet new 5G standards, reducing time to market and costs for mobile operators and system integrators.

Portable Frequency Downconversion

Measuring 7.6″ x 7.6″ x 1.6″ and weighing less than 2.2lbs, the D4000 RF Downconverter features a compact design that makes it portable, versatile, and easy to use for 5G analysis in any deployment scenario without adding significant size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements.

High Performance Wideband Analysis for 5G

Today’s 5G standards are using increasingly higher frequencies and wider bandwidths. The D4000 RF Downconverter features RF input of 24-40 GHz and 500 MHz real-time bandwidth (RTBW) with 100 kHz tuning resolution for high performance analysis of modern waveforms. 10 MHz input and output clock references allow for multi-unit synchronization so users can run multiple units in parallel to monitor, detect, and analyze signals at a lower cost and without replacing their current investment in RF signal detectors.

Plug-and-Play With Any Third-Party Hardware

With built-in preselect filtering, a single IF output at 1.536 GHz, and standard SCPI control over Ethernet, the D4000 RF Downconverter provides plug-and-play performance and seamlessly integrates with any vendor’s RF hardware. Retain and upgrade your existing field, lab, and manufacturing test equipment and extend the life of your investment in hardware.

Benefits of the ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter

  • Retain and upgrade existing field, lab, and manufacturing test equipment
  • Increase frequency performance to 24-40 GHz range for modern 5G standards
  • Compact, portable, and suitable for a variety of deployment scenarios and applications

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