Keysight 89600 VSA Software

Keysight 89600 VSA Software

Keysight Technologies is the market leader with over 75 years of experience. The leading Keysight 89600 VSA Software is a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and complete vector signal analysis. The software tools allow users to explore every facet of a signal and optimize designs, measure a broad range of signals including 5G, IoT, radar and more, and gain greater insight in frequency, time and modulation domains.

R5550 with Keysight VSA

Application Use Cases

  • Analyze and troubleshoot signals in cellular, wireless-connectivity, aerospace, defense, and general-purpose applications
  • Perform detailed analysis of dynamic signal behaviors with advanced display types and triggering
  • Detect and analyze disruptive RF interference and determine the source

Features and Benefits

  • Over 75 signal standards and modulation types
  • Customized measurement displays to show multiple views of your signal at once
  • Analyze and display multiple signals at once to enable comparison and correlation of results
  • Pinpoint the root cause of problems in time, frequency, and modulation domains

How to Buy

The ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer integrates seamlessly with the leading Keysight 89600 VSA software for complete vector signal analysis in a low-cost, flexible, and remotely deployable solution.

What’s needed:

To learn more about the ThinkRF R5550 analyzer and ThinkRF E300 Enabler, Contact Sales.

To learn more about the leading Vector Signal Analysis software from Keysight, visit their website.

D4000 RF Downconverter/TunerExtend the range of your existing RF equipment to 40 GHz
  • 24 - 40 GHz
  • Real-time bandwidth 500 MHz
  • Compact: 19.3 cm x 19.3 cm x 4.1 cm (7.6" x 7.6" x 1.6")
  • Light: 1.7 Kg (3.7 lbs)
  • Low power consumption: 20W @ 12V