Our latest webinar “RF Power Amplifier Considerations for Public Safety/Mission Critical Communications” is available to watch on-demand

A variety of law enforcement, public safely and emergency communications professionals rely on RF power amplifiers to effectively carry out their critical missions. In order to ensure the highest degree of reliability and versatility, an RF power amplifier needs to be designed from the ground-up to ensure that it supports a variety of operational scenarios. This webinar will cover the key requirements required to address a broad variety of scenarios and how they can be addressed in a cost-effective manner. This will be exemplified by the thinkRF H1000A RF power amplifier that was designed from the ground-up to address the needs of demanding field use.

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Theo Pantazopoulos, VP Custom Products, thinkRF

Theo Pantazopoulos is a Senior Technology Executive with over 30 years of electronic systems industry experience. He is an industry expert in RF circuit and system design and was instrumental in creating and growing the Electronic Systems business unit at Med-Eng Systems from zero to over $200M/yr. Prior to Med-Eng Systems, Theo held senior technical roles at SR Telecom, Tellabs, PolarSat, Spotwave Wireless and Northern Telecom. During his tenure as Vice President of Engineering at thinkRF, Theo successfully led the developments of the WSA5000-427, the R5500, the R5700, the P120, D2030 and the H1000A products which very significantly expanded the company’s product offerings.

Theo holds the Master of Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering degrees from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

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