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Enabling Today's Distributed Spectrum Monitoring

Connecting multiple spectrum analyzers for advanced spectrum analysis and geolocation

Spectrum monitoring is no longer simple, centralized, and static. Today, it’s complex, distributed, and mobile. Users need the ability to connect multiple units together, send data through the cloud, conduct direction finding and geolocation, and dig deep into signal properties with advanced analysis capabilities.

Traditional, bulky lab-based spectrum analyzers simply do not meet these requirements. Instead, users require a new approach that is flexible, versatile, networked for remote deployment, and portable to be used in the field or on a vehicle.

Watch Tim Hember and Dr. Nikhil Adnani of ThinkRF in this Q&A style fireside chat. Together, they’ll be covering topics including:

  • How to connect multiple spectrum analyzers together into a wireless sensor network
  • When to use certain network topologies and architectures depending on your application and requirements
  • The benefits of the using the cloud to collect, store, and access spectrum data
  • How to use GNSS enabled equipment to conduct advanced geolocation techniques such as TDOA, PDOA, FDOA, and AOA
  • How open, software-defined radio (SDR) technologies are powering this new approach to spectrum monitoring
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Learn from our industry experts

Dr. Nikhil Adnani, Chief Technology Officer & VP Sales

Nikhil has over twenty years of experience in the area of wireless. He has held engineering positions at Nortel and Communications Research Centre Canada. Nikhil has a BSc and an MSc from the University of Manitoba and a PhD from Carleton University, all in Electrical Engineering.

Tim Hember, Chief Operating Officer

Tim was prior VP and Strategy Director for Alcatel Canada, developing global corporate market strategies; and prior CEO and founder of TimeStep, a network security equipment market leader acquired by Newbridge/Alcatel. Tim has thirty years of experience including Newbridge Networks, Gandalf, Calmos Semiconductor, Genesis Microchip, PureData Research, and Nortel Networks. Tim has a BASc in EE from University Waterloo and an MA in Economics from University Ottawa.

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