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Smart City illustrated by Networking and Internet of Things or IOT and wireless signals
Smart Cities – Powered by Wireless Technologies
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, October 9, 2018
Smart cities may have been a buzzword a few years ago, but today they are quickly becoming a reality. Rapid advancements in connectivity, the Internet of Things, and data analysis are driving innovation and powering entirely new applications. From Kansas City to London to Singapore, cities around the world are implementing new technology and transforming... Read more »
ThinkRF Announces Spectrum Analyzer with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for Mobile Situational Awareness
ThinkRF, September 26, 2018
ThinkRF R5700 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer conducts in-depth analysis with location and time information in a compact and portable form-factor OTTAWA, ON – September 26, 2018 – ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis solutions, today announced the release of the ThinkRF R5700 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with GNSS. Unlike other handheld portable spectrum analyzers, the... Read more »
RF interference causes slow downs on wifi or bluetooth devices.
Video: Understanding RF Interference – Visualizing What’s Happening to your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Signals
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, September 11, 2018
At ThinkRF we deal with wireless signals every day. Our spectrum analysis solutions allow us to see the wireless signals around us and identify sources of wireless interference. We’ve become so used to it that it’s easy for us to look at a display and understand what’s going on. But for those who don’t spend... Read more »
Autonomous Vehicles and RF Signal Analysis
The Road to Self-Driving Cars is Paved with Wireless Signals
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, August 3, 2018
We’re getting closer to a world where cars are able to drive themselves, and 2017 marked a huge year for autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars racked up millions of miles on public roads with very few incidents. Many of the technologies that have been developed along the way, such as adaptive cruise control, advanced braking, lane... Read more »
The ThinkRF S150 Driver enables the ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer to fully integrate with the Keysight 89600 VSA
ThinkRF Announces E300 Enabler for Keysight 89600 VSA
ThinkRF, July 18, 2018
The most complete third-party integration with leading Keysight software allows users to monitor complex waveforms in more locations with the PC-driven and remotely deployable ThinkRF R5500 analyzer. ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis solutions, today announced the release of the ThinkRF E300 Enabler for Keysight 89600 VSA. The E300 Enabler is the first... Read more »
ThinkRF appoints Dr. Dale W. Meyerrose, Major General (Retired), to Board of Directors
ThinkRF, July 17, 2018
Preeminent information technology and cybersecurity strategist brings deep expertise as company further expands in government, aerospace and defense verticals ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis solutions, today announced the appointment of Dr. Dale W. Meyerrose to the Board of Directors. Dr. Meyerrose is a subject matter expert in cybersecurity, intelligence, and military matters... Read more »
Gap Wireless and ThinkRF Partnership for Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Solutions
Gap Wireless Partners with ThinkRF to Deliver Advanced Spectrum Analysis and Monitoring
ThinkRF, June 11, 2018
Mississauga, ON and Ottawa, ON – June 11, 2018 – Gap Wireless, a leading distributor of products and services for the mobile broadband and wireless markets, and ThinkRF Corp, the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis solutions, announced today that ThinkRF’s advanced spectrum analysis platforms will be distributed by Gap Wireless in Canada and the U.S.... Read more »
Regulatory monitoring will become increasing important as new 5G standards are rolled out
Maintaining Reliable Wireless Access – How Regulators Can Effectively Manage the RF Spectrum
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, May 18, 2018
Since its invention, radio has driven innovation like few other technologies. Whether in the private or public domain, advances in wireless technologies have rapidly increased the number of connected devices and users that rely on accessing the RF spectrum. As a result, users are always contending with each other for limited spectral resources. If the... Read more »
TSCM solutions by ThinkRF can protect corporate office buildings
Securing Your Facilities with Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, March 9, 2018
For as long as there has been sensitive information there has been a battle between surveillance and counter surveillance technologies – a cat and mouse game with each side desperate to evade and outsmart the other. As new technologies and methods were developed by malicious actors to capture and transmit information, what was once a... Read more »
ThinkRF Expands to India to Capitalize on this Rapidly Growing Market
ThinkRF, February 20, 2018
VigVen Tech Mark to offer the innovative ThinkRF spectrum analysis solutions to its strong and growing customer base ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced its expansion to India with the appointment of VigVen Tech Mark Pvt Ltd., an authorized reseller of electronic test equipment, as its channel partner for ThinkRF solutions... Read more »