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Unlock the secret to easily extend your sub-6 GHz lab to include massive MIMO capabilities

Reading Time: 1 minute
Conveniently extend existing sub-6GHz equipment to 5G beamforming and massive MIMO Check out our latest FREE app note to easily extend your sub-6 GHz lab to include massive MIMO capabilities to the operation of base stations with thinkRF and TMY Technology Inc. … Antenna designers, 5G algorithm developers and baseband/system communication researchers are constantly looking…

The thinkRF LinkedIn community reaches a new milestone: 1500!

Reading Time: 1 minute
We are thrilled and humbled by our growing thinkRF Community which recently reached a new milestone! We are grateful for your continued support and looking forward to engaging with you more in our journey. To celebrate this milestone with you, here is a free whitepaper about the most economical technique to upgrade your sub-6 GHz…

thinkRF partner with TELUS to develop national spectrum monitoring network

Reading Time: 3 minutes
thinkRF’s Spectrum eXperience Management (SXM) system assists TELUS in delivering its world-leading network in Canada TELUS, the world-leading communications technology company, and thinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced a partnership to co-develop a spectrum monitoring system (Spectrum eXperience Management, “SXM”) that will feed TELUS continuous insights about competitive mobile infrastructure deployments…

Join us at CAV Canada 2021 Event on Thursday, December 2nd!

Reading Time: 1 minute
Where smart mobility innovators and leaders discuss and drive the future Our own Cliff Ellement, Head of AI Solutions is going to be one of the panelists at CAV Canada 2021 Program: Developing and Employing Smart Infrastructure to Drive the Safe and Secure Adoption of Smart Mobility Innovations. Join us live on Thursday, December 2nd…