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Our latest SXM, which was hosted by Light Reading last week, is now available to watch on-demand on the Light Reading website for one year.

In this webinar, we revealed real world spectrum insights by SXM. This week, we are highlighting the “Spectrum Parking Revealed” insights which reveal two operators simply running their spectrum, but not allowing the public to use. Some of the insights shared in this webinar include e.g. band, ARFCN, BW, Tech, Sharing, Barr, etc. Watch our webinar to learn how a spectrum monitoring program was put in place continuously characterizing what infrastructure had been deployed by which operators and using what technologies. Other insights shared in the webinar: spectrum sharing amongst operators, spectrum parking by operators, rural spectrum monitoring by government regulators, spotting emerging 5GNR, external channel loading and more.

To watch the webinar on-demand:

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