Uninterrupted collection and comprehensive analysis of wireless network infrastructure, spectrum usage and quality

thinkRF Corp., the inventor of continuous and autonomous network intelligence platform, today announced the launch of a revolutionary network insights and analytics platform, SXM Dashboard. With real-time, continuous insights and analytics, SXM Dashboard empowers regulatory agencies and network operators to optimize spectrum utilization, mitigate interference and enhance network performance like never before.

Mobile network operators, private network operators and national regulatory agencies traditionally use manual over the air monitoring and trouble-shooting methods to collect and diagnose wireless network information. These organizations currently face the challenge of either dedicating extensive hours to driving around with costly equipment to gather network data or depending on outdated data collected from inconsistent devices over the past 6 to 12 months. Once this data is obtained, additional significant time is required for analysis to extract meaningful insights. These insights are crucial, as they inform critical decisions regarding spectrum assets, which are typically valued in the billions of dollars.

SXM Dashboard provides continuous, comprehensive visibility into wireless technologies. With user-friendly navigation, advanced analytics, and intuitive graphical view of comprehensive wireless insights, the SXM Dashboard revolutionizes how you manage and protect your RF spectrum assets. SXM Dashboard always reports the most recent network insights thanks to the autonomous and continuous spectrum monitoring. Wireless network operators will never skip a transient event!

The first release of the SXM Dashboard delivers insightful reports about 3GPP Network Analytics, source data, channel parameters and eNodeB locations as well as detailed license usage like license occupancy by band and license usage by band.

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Click here for SXM dashboard.

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