Wireless network monitoring & intelligence in real-time. Characterize, optimize and protect vital RF spectrum networks with real-time insights on the state of wireless technologies.

thinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced the launch of a revolutionary spectrum monitoring system (Spectrum eXperience Management, “SXM”) that will feed mobile system operators and national regulatory agencies. SXM will empower operators and regulators globally to characterize, optimize, and protect ever-more vital RF spectrum networks with real-time insights on the state of wireless technologies.

SXM combines thinkRF’s industry leading RF spectrum analysis technology together with advanced analytics in a configurable cloud-based subscription service with maximum cybersecurity. SXM Release 1.0 continuously and autonomously characterizes all 4G and 5G network deployments in a region and provides operators with valuable competitive insights. Now, the operators can track competitive occupancy, coverage, spectrum sharing and technology changes over time and always stay two steps ahead of their competitors.

SXM is a subscription-based service where there are no CAPEX and no maintenance costs! Simply, subscribe to the areas and data you need and start gathering competitive intelligence about network deployments and configurations.

“We are thrilled to revolutionize spectrum monitoring with SXM,”, said Jim Nerschook thinkRF COO. “SXM is making RF intelligence accessible to operators and regulators globally. Now, operators can access competitive infrastructure intelligence and make informed decisions about deployment planning and optimization. And, regulators can easily track spectrum license holders’ activities, detect spectrum squatting and identify unlicensed transmitters”.

The RF spectrum is a public resource of tremendous value to society. Globally, mobile operators have invested a trillion of dollars to acquire spectrum license rights. In addition, trillions more and the safety of millions relies on the efficient, reliable use of those spectrum assets. Through measurement, monitoring and protection of spectrum assets, thinkRF’s SXM system enables owners, users, and society in general to receive maximum benefit of this critical resource.

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