3dB Labs designs, implements, and delivers solutions in engineering, signal processing, signal analysis, and software development for a variety of government and military applications. SCEPTRE is a customizable, remoteable signal processing suite capable of real-time and offline spectrum and temporal analysis as well as signal detection, demodulation, geolocation, and recording.

3dB Labs SCEPTRE software integrates with the leading ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer to provide advanced spectrum analysis capabilities for SIGINT, TSCM, spectrum monitoring, and signal analysis & demodulation.

Application Use Cases

  • Performing rapid signal ID, tip and cue, c-uas, and geolocation
  • Providing real-tome analysis of COMINT, FISINT, and ELINT signals through mobile or stationary deployments
  • Conducting real time bit breakout, data streaming out, antenna position control, and pulse descriptor word creation

Features and Benefits

  • Identify and exploit known, new, and unusual signal of interest in all forms of SIGINT applications
  • Built-in auto-correlation function and real-time match filtering provides detection of signals below the noise floor
  • Never miss a signal with up to days work of pre-D and PDW data stored in a circular FIFO buffer to extract, demodulate, and save data

How to Buy

ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers integrate with SCEPTRE by 3dB Labs to provide a powerful signal processing solution.

What’s needed:

To learn more about the ThinkRF R5550 analyzer, Contact Sales.

To learn more about SCEPTRE by 3dB Labs, visit their website.