CelPlan CellSpectrum Platform

CelPlan CellSpectrum™ Radio Frequency Spectrum and Channel Analysis Platform

CelPlan is a leading provider of radio frequency planning & optimization tools, value-added consulting, engineering, and training services to the wireless industry. Whether in the lab, facility, field or across the city, CellSpectrum™ is the only platform that enables universal spectrum analysis and RF path characterization for all wireless communications. The advanced mobile spectrum analysis solution allows for comprehensive drive testing and coverage mapping capabilities.

Combined with the ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, the advanced CelPlan software enables a number of mobile and drive test applications.

Application Use Cases

  • Analysis of important RF channel characteristics needed for the proper design of wireless networks
  • Advanced drive testing, propagation analysis, and coverage mapping
  • Detecting and locating sources of interference, whether malicious or inadvertent

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced GUI with 3D display of signal information and coverage
  • Integrated GPS and GIS systems to map data points to their location and time
  • Ability to open multiple, synchronized windows for easy analysis of various types of information

How to Buy

The ThinkRF R5550 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer integrates with CellSpectrum™ to enable a complete, mobile spectrum analysis solution. The ThinkRF P120 Vehicular Power Conditioner can also be used to power the device from a standard vehicle power source.

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Related Applications:

CelPlan CellSpectrum can be used for

  • 24 - 40 GHz | Real-Time Bandwidth 500 MHz
  • Pre-Select Filtering | Built-in Local Oscillators
  • Compact: 19.3 cm x 19.3 cm x 4.1 cm (7.6" x 7.6" x 1.6")
  • Low power: 20W @ 12V | Light: 1.7 Kg (3.7 lbs.) | Single IF Output