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RF Power Amplifier Considerations for Public Safety / Mission Critical Communications

A variety of law enforcement, public safety and emergency communications professionals rely on RF power amplifiers to effectively carry out their critical missions.  In order to ensure the highest degree of reliability and versatility, an RF power amplifier needs to be designed from the ground-up to ensure that it supports a variety of operational scenarios.  This webinar will cover the key requirements required to address a broad variety of scenarios and how they can be addressed in a cost-effective manner.  This will be exemplified by the thinkRF H1000A RF power amplifier that was designed from the ground-up to address the needs of demanding field use.

Cost-effectively extend the range of your existing RF analyzer to mmWave 5G frequencies

Aerospace and Defense agencies, Spectrum Regulators, Mobile network operators, R&D organizations and Silicon vendors have already made considerable investments in spectrum analysis solutions for current cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Register to learn one of the most economical and cost-effective methods to extend the performance of existing RF equipment to 5G frequencies.

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