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Beyond RF Drive Test: Managing a Dynamic RF Environment

Traditional drive testing uses highly specialized RF equipment and expertise to characterize deployments and issues in an area. It is limited, however, to only identifying issues only during the one or two hour period of the drive test and the location it takes place. If conditions change, they won’t be identified until the test is repeated. This webinar outlines a new real-time, continuous approach to capture and characterize transient events leading to more effective management of cross border interference, co-channel and adjacent channel interference, frequency planning, and more.
Key topics include:

  • Managing cross border interference
  • New approach to frequency planning
  • Protecting your spectrum assets
  • Characterizing transient interference and environmental conditions
  • Optimizing technology deployment strategies
Using real-time wireless network insights and intelligence to drive competitive advantage

Mobile Network Operators invest billions to acquire and optimize spectrum to satisfy network capacity demands. MNOs always look for better tools to maximize the performance of their own networks and closely monitor competitor RAN strategies.
While MNOs have always had access to their own network data, it has traditionally been difficult, expensive and resource intensive to collect and analyze data on competitive infrastructure or new network deployments.
What’s needed is a new approach to RF spectrum monitoring that provides competitive intelligence through a continuous, real-time view of the RF spectrum environment. By harnessing the power of a network of distributed IoT sensors, telecom carriers can easily access timely, accurate, and secure competitive intelligence data without making significant investments in equipment or conducting expensive drive tests or waiting for outdated crowdsource data for months.
In this webinar, wireless network operators will explore an innovative technique to unlock the value in their RF spectrum assets.
Key topics include:

  • Consistent and accessible real-time network intelligence
  • Comparing current vs. historical infrastructure deployments
  • Limitations of traditional methods for spectrum management: drive test and crowdsourcing
  • Optimizing and protecting your spectrum assets
  • Using competitive insights to reduce subscriber churn and create new revenue opportunities
  • Improving your spectrum re-farming and technology deployment strategies
Cost-effectively extend the range of your existing RF analyzer to mmWave 5G frequencies

Aerospace and Defense agencies, Spectrum Regulators, Mobile network operators, R&D organizations and Silicon vendors have already made considerable investments in spectrum analysis solutions for current cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Register to learn one of the most economical and cost-effective methods to extend the performance of existing RF equipment to 5G frequencies.

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