Who’s lagging in the 5G race: Rogers, Bell, TELUS or Freedom? Explore the latest insights from Dr. Nikhil Adnani’s recent blog for a comprehensive comparison to gain insights into their performance metrics.


Freedom’s current 5G deployment lacks the bandwidth required to deliver a level of performance that is competitive with major carriers – Bell, TELUS, Rogers. To achieve equivalent fast 5G speeds, Freedom will have to increase their investments in Radio spectrum.


5G offers the promise of faster data rates, lower latencies and in general a higher level of performance relative to 4G.

One of the main reasons for this is the increased radio spectrum bandwidth [1]. Bandwidth refers to the frequencies within a given band used for transmitting a signal. An FM signal for instance utilizes 200 kHz bandwidth for broadcasting signals. A 4G signal by comparison might utilize 100 times as much or 20 MHz of bandwidth and 5G can be as high as 100 MHz [1].

5G Deployment Insights

SXM tells us that 5G has been deployed by Bell, Freedom, Rogers and TELUS.
The following plot shows bandwidths assigned and utilized by each carrier in an area of Toronto to provide 5G services.

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