How to tackle more complex and congested RF environment for a better user experience?

Check out the latest article by our own Nikhil Adnani, CTO that is published in the latest Wesley Clover Investor Newsletter.

… As the use of wireless continues to increase, the RF environment is getting significantly more complex and congested. This in turn leads to communication outages and disruptions when you least expect them…
… There is a requirement to understand what is going on at a deeper level to fix the problem. What is interfering with my wireless network? Is it another network or some other stray signal? Also, where is it coming from?
… So how does a network operator facilitate a better experience when it comes to wireless connectivity? The first obvious challenge with RF Spectrum is that itis invisible. Unlike a damaged cable, you can not see poor quality spectrum. The second is that most people are not RF engineers and are not trained to identify and solve such problems…

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