We received great questions during the live webinar last week, e.g. “How does the SXM react for RAN-sharing (MultiOperator-RAN) use-cases?”

Our latest webinar “Beyond Drive Test: Managing a Dynamic RF Environment” is available to watch on-demand

Traditional drive testing uses highly specialized RF equipment and expertise to characterize deployments and issues in an area. It is limited, however, to only identifying issues only during the one or two hour period of the drive test and the location it takes place. If conditions change, they won’t be identified until the test is repeated. This webinar outlines a new real-time, continuous approach to capture and characterize transient events leading to more effective management of cross border interference, co-channel and adjacent channel interference, frequency planning, and more.

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Jonathan Morris | Director of Product Management – SXM

Jonathan is a Senior Technology Executive with over 20 years of wireless industry experience. He has held various senior management roles in product management and engineering over the years. He is currently leading thinkRF’s emerging spectrum management as a service business and has been in close contact with the industry leaders (mobile operators and national regulatory agencies for spectrum) in developing this business.

Jonathan holds a BSc(Eng) degrees from Queens University in Kingston, Canada.

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