Company adds new resellers to better serve customers in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa

ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced partnerships with a number of resellers and manufacturers’ representatives worldwide. The new partners grow the company’s existing relationships as part of its ongoing strategy to expand into new markets, broaden its global sales network, and serve customers more effectively.

“This further strengthens our position as the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis while enhancing our ability to reach more customers around the world,” said Jim Roche, President & CEO at ThinkRF. “These highly skilled partners bring a deep understanding of the industry and local markets. We are excited to be working with them to bring revolutionary ThinkRF platforms into new markets.”

The new partners include:

As the spectrum becomes more complex and wireless signal standards continue to evolve, these partners can now provide their customers with an alternative to traditional, hardware-based spectrum analyzers and better meet their requirements for high frequency, high bandwidth, and cost-effective platforms. Built on patented software-defined radio technology, ThinkRF provides users with more flexibility, greater coverage, additional capabilities, and better ROI.

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