The fully integrated ThinkRF Surveillance System is always-on and offers a higher frequency range for greater coverage and faster detection

ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced the launch of the ThinkRFTM Surveillance System for in place monitoring and bug detection to secure facilities or to understand channel utilization for dynamic signal allocation.  The complete surveillance system allows government agencies and enterprises to locate unauthorized RF signals more quickly and cost-effectively, even in difficult indoor environments, such as large corporate office buildings, government facilities, and other secure locations.

The system is comprised of a ThinkRF R5x50 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, combined with the Kestrel Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Professional Software, as well as omni-directional or optional directional antennae, and all other required equipment in an easily transportable case. The fully integrated, networkable system can be deployed in multiple locations on premise or in the field to provide greater coverage and increased functionality, for 24/7 in-place monitoring and real-time alerts.

“Today’s bugs are able to record and transmit high quality audio and video while being small enough to be hidden in common objects,” said Dr. Jasvinder Obhi, VP, Product Management and Marketing, ThinkRF. “To make matters worse, many bugs now transmit signals intermittently, at low power, and at various frequencies. These factors combine to make these devices very difficult to detect. Surveillance professionals need an integrated solution which detects hostile signals, monitoring the signal of interest for further analysis, and locating the source of the signal for removal or channel reallocation. This is what we’re providing with our new fully-integrated ThinkRF Surveillance System.”

“Thanks to this complete surveillance solution, TSCM professionals can go beyond traditional bug sweeps and ensure the security of the facilities they operate in,” said Paul Turner, CEO, Professional Development TSCM Group (PDTG). “The powerful solution from PDTG and ThinkRF means they can detect, locate, and remove illegal bugs faster, protecting confidential transactions, intellectual property, and ensuring our national security.”

The complete, cost-effective ThinkRF Surveillance System provides greater coverage and increased functionality due to the compact, networkable, and portable ThinkRF Spectrum Analyzer. With a fast sweep speed, a frequency range of up to 27 GHz, and real-time bandwidth of 100 MHz, it can detect short duration, low powered, and intermittent signals. By integrating with the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software, the always-on system offers advanced, real-time triggering and alerts so users know when an unauthorized signal appears, and the software allows for source determination. Traditional bug sweeping techniques can then be used to locate the device and disable it, or the information can be used for dynamic channel allocation.

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