High performance RF applications for wireless situational awareness

thinkRF Corp., the inventor of continuous and autonomous network intelligence platform, today announced the launch of their high-performance Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA), R6000. With advanced super-heterodyne radio design, high-speed Ethernet connectivity, and integrated GNSS for precise location and timestamping, the R6000 ensures accurate, real-time analysis.

The R6000 is engineered for wireless situational awareness operations including RF drive testing, coverage mapping, propagation analysis, direction finding, transmitter localization, and spectrum monitoring. Ideal for field deployments, remote monitoring, and diverse applications such as regulatory compliance, signals intelligence, and RF scanning, the R6000 redefines efficiency and precision in spectrum monitoring.

The thinkRF R6000 is designed to support wireless security applications such as Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Signal intelligence (SIGINT), and much more applications. With fast scan rates and unrivalled RF performance, R6000  can sweep across wide frequency ranges quickly, allowing users to detect, identify, and analyze transient and brief signals that are often missed by traditional spectrum analyzers. It’s reduced size, weight, and power requirements (SWaP) enhances its portability for these applications.

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