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Small, powerful and cost-effective RF frequency converters for the next generation RF environment.

RF Frequency Converter

Built-in Local Oscillators | Pre-Select Filtering | Single IF Output
Built-in Mixer | Internal LO | Internal OCXO

Economically Extend Your Frequency & Bandwidth Performance to mmWave Bands

RF frequency converters are one of the most economical and cost-effective methods for increasing the frequency performance of RF signal analysis systems. In the new world of 5G networks, a RF frequency converter can reduce time to market and costs for mobile operators, system integrators, telecom carriers and baseband researchers.

thinkRF RF frequency converters cover up to 44 GHz with 800 MHz of analog bandwidth for open environment (spectrum monitoring) and controlled environment (lab / production testing) applications. Extend the life of your existing field, lab, and manufacturing test equipment, and reduce time to market and costs when measuring 5G mmWave signals.

thinkRF RF Frequency Converter Key Features


rf downconverters/tuners

  • No. of models 3
  • No. of channels 1
  • Frequency range (RF IN) 24 – 40 GHz
  • Frequency range (IF OUT) 1.536 / 5.5975 GHz
  • Real-time bandwidth 500 MHz
  • Tuning resolution 100 kHz
  • Pre-select filtering
  • Built-in local oscillators
  • 193 x 193 x 41 mm (7.6” x 7.6” x 1.6“)
  • 1.7 Kg (3.7 lb.)
  • 20 W
  • Open environment (spectrum monitoring)
  • Controlled environment (lab / production testing)


RF Up/downconverters

  • No. of models 4
  • No. of channels 1 – 2
  • Frequency range (RF IN) 24 – 44 GHz
  • Frequency range (IF OUT) 0.01 – 14 GHz
  • Real-time bandwidth 800 MHz*
  • Tuning resolution 10 kHz
  • Pre-select filtering**
  • Built-in local oscillators
  • 143 x 152 x 65 mm (5.6” x 5.9” x 2.6“)
  • 0.9 Kg (2.0 lb.)
  • < 24 W
  • Open environment (spectrum monitoring)
  • Controlled environment (lab/production testing)

* depends on the modulation scheme and expected EVM
** external filters available

thinkRF RF Downconverters/Tuners Use Cases

RF Spectrum Monitoring

  • RF down-conversion for 24 – 40 GHz signals, to extend range of existing equipment for 5G analysis
  • Retain existing field/lab, and manufacturing test equipment
  • Reduce time to market and costs for mmWave analysis
  • Single IF output – easy integration with spectrum analyzers or receivers
  • Compact form factor – maintains portability and versatility in any deployment scenario
  • Best price-performance ratio – enables translation of 5G mmWave in 24 – 40 GHz
  • Pre-select filtering – eliminates out-of-band signals, enables spurious mitigation, and reduces interference
  • Wideband – up to 500 MHz of real-time bandwidth enables multiple units in parallel for wideband signal analysis
  • Synchronization capability – includes 10 MHz i/o clock reference to support clock synchronization with external modules, which is, particularly useful for wideband signal monitoring/capture

Signals Intelligence

  • Extend mission critical EW RF platforms to 5G mmWave
  • Improved situational awareness with thinkRF products

thinkRF TMYTEK UD Box Use Cases

Research / Lab Testing

  • Maximize sub-6 GHz instruments – upgrade existing research / lab equipment to mmWave with ultra-broadband 5G NR mmWave frequency converter
  • Reduced cost and effort – save lab costs on expensive mmWave instruments by making best use of existing equipment
  • Cover most 5G spectrum in one box – UD Box is broadband up/down-converter that operates up to 44 GHz and covers most 5G NR FR2 bands
  • Signaling communication test – UD Box upgrades sub-6 GHz UE/gNB emulator to mmWave version to include high throughput performance testing, mmWave terminal function verification and performance testing
  • MIMO capabilities – Multiple UD Box can achieve MIMO development / tests
  • Improved capabilities – integrate with TMYTEK BBox to include 5G mmWave phased arrays and MIMO
  • Improved capabilities – integrate with TMYTEK BBox to include 5G mmWave beamforming systems

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