Support for latest Python API enables developers to quickly build new RF applications

ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced the release of the PyRF3 Development Framework with support for version 3.0 of the Python Language Application Programming Interface (API). This latest API enables command, control and data acquisition using ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer platforms, including the ThinkRF R55x0 and R57x0 analyzers. The updated version ensures RF application developers can leverage the PyRF Development Framework to build custom solutions, integrate new capabilities, and develop or extend products quickly and easily.

“We understand the challenges for RF application developers and system integrators in developing new functionality and extending the performance of existing solutions as new wireless communication standards are deployed,” said Dr. Jasvinder Obhi, VP, Product Management and Marketing, ThinkRF. “PyRF is a complete development environment which enables rapid development of powerful applications for software-defined spectrum analyzers. We want to ensure developers always have the tools they need for quick and cost-effective development of spectrum analysis solutions.”

PyRF is a freely available, comprehensive development environment for wireless signal analysis, built on the Python Programming Language. PyRF handles the low-level details of configuring a device, real-time data acquisition and signal processing. It includes feature-rich libraries, examples including visualization applications and source code, all specific to the requirements of signal analysis.

The new PyRF Development Framework consists of the *.egg files for installation, source code, documentation with installation instructions, and examples. It has migrated and upgraded elements to work with Python3 and includes spectral flattening methods to support real-time spectrum analyzers, updated source codes, as well as updated documentation and new examples. It is available immediately.

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