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Founded in 2009, thinkRF is a Wesley Clover International Affiliate, a global investment management firm and holding company of the serial technology entrepreneur Sir Terry Matthews.

About thinkRF

thinkRF is one of the proud affiliates of the Wesley Clover International, a serial super angel, found or fund over 100 successful Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) companies, either independently or in partnership with other investors. The portfolio currently consists of public and private firms focused on next-generation Cloud and SaaS applications, hardware and services for fixed/mobile communications, video collaboration, customer engagement, analytics and more.

thinkRF is the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis platforms that monitor, detect and analyze complex waveforms in today’s rapidly evolving wireless landscape. By providing more flexibility, greater coverage, increased functionality and better ROI, thinkRF solutions are ideal for regulatory and intelligence monitoring, telecom deployment optimization and RF application development. With open APIs and proven integrations, thinkRF offers the only compact and networkable spectrum analyzer that can be deployed without a PC and the best price to performance on the market.

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