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🚀Friday FUN! Best network at King Cross, London, UK?

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Dive into King’s Cross, London, UK for more insights! 🌟 Hey, Vodafone let’s unlock the mystery behind operators & bands! 💡 Pro tip: EE, Three UK, Telefónica 😉 Reach out for a FREE report detailing data points like bands, power levels, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, PCI, BW, PLMN, MCC, MNC, NB ID, Cell ID, Barred,…

🤫Top-secret insights straight from our SXM node in the US!

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Hey T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T no engineers or drive test were used in the making of this report💥 🤯 Simply log in to the hashSXM dashboard and unlock daily network insights! 🚀Are traditional methods like RF drive test or crowdsource outdated? 🤔 Want to learn how our revolutionary network intelligence and monitoring platform SXM provides these…

How does SXM work?

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So, how does our autonomous and continuous network intelligence and monitoring system, SXM work? And did we mention that it doesn’t require an engineer nor a technician? Simply power it up and start characterizing and monitoring the RF environment. Here is a short clip from our latest webinar talking about how SXM operates. Join the…

RCR Wireless interview at #MWC24

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Thank you RCR Wireless News for the opportunity to share our perspective on network intelligence and analytics at #MWC24.  We enjoyed the conversation with Sean Kinney and appreciated his insightful questions. We’re glad to have had the chance to contribute to the discussion! Click here to watch the full interview. Join the #spectrumrevolution #thinkRF Watch it now.

SXM detects a rogue base station at MWC 2024 in Barcelona

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SXM did it again! During MWC in Barcelona, we set up an SXM node at our booth, which quickly detected the usual suspects: local operators like Vodafone, Orange, and Yoigo. What made things interesting was the sudden appearance of a rogue base station during the day! SXM didn’t miss a beat – it caught the…

Network analytics @ your fingertips @ #MWC24

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Join us @ #MWC24 to protect satellite downlinks from 5G interference to ensure the reliability of satellite communication services. Until then, read our latest update. Visit our booth #7G61 @ Hall 7 Feb. 26 – 29 Visit our booth #7G61 @ Hall 7 Feb. 26 – 29 Join the #spectrumrevolution #thinkRF

Step into the future of network analytics @ #MWC24

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Join us @ #MWC24 to eliminate cross border interference and know signal disruptions and cross border interferences before they negatively impact your bottom line. Until then, read our latest update. Visit our booth #7G61 @ Hall 7 Feb. 26 – 29 Join the #spectrumrevolution #thinkRF