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Upcoming webinar: Key Requirements for Small Receivers, Specifications and Design

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Join our live webinar “Key Requirements for Small Receivers, Specifications and Design” on Thursday, July 15 at 1 PM ET \ 17:00 GMT-UTC RF spectrum monitoring is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. With radio technologies that are pushing into higher frequency bands and increasing diversity in wireless signals, RF engineers need robust solutions to monitor…

Conduct in-depth signal analysis & demodulation with solutions from thinkRF

Reading Time: 1 minute
Today’s wireless signal environment is more complex and denser than ever before, and new wireless signal standards will continue to utilize higher frequencies and bandwidths to meet the increasing spectrum needs of new technologies.Explore deeper into signals and conduct in-depth analysis and demodulation with software-defined spectrum analysis solutions from thinkRF: click here.

In-Place and mobile spectrum monitoring for utility companies

Reading Time: 1 minute
Utility companies rely on a WSN of smart meters for real-time consumption data. They face two main challenges: RF interference and compliance. Utility companies can overcome these challenges with thinkRF. Our case study discusses a solution that can be used across deployment scenarios for both 24/7 continuous, in-place monitoring, and for mobile spectrum analysis and…

Microwaves & RF published our article on real-time public safety

Reading Time: 1 minute
Microwaves & RF published our article about how public safety and intelligence agencies can monitor the spectrum environment, identify suspicious signals of interest, and mitigate sources of interference in real-time. This is the last of the three articles on using spectrum analysis in public-safety scenarios. Click here to read the article.

Join us @ IME 2021 – Booth 145 Chengdu, China June 2-3!

Reading Time: 1 minute
Our valued partner HongKe will exhibit at the IME 2021 at the Chengdu Longemont Hotel between June 2 and 3. Visit our booth 145 to check out the core of all spectrum monitoring applications: real-time software-defined spectrum analysis platforms. We look forward to talking to you about your spectrum analysis requirements at IME 2021! Event…

Our new website is live!

Reading Time: 1 minute
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website. Our new website offers clean and modern design along with easy navigation and improved user experience. We hope you enjoy our new look and all that it has to offer! We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for your suggestions, questions, and/or…