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Another spectrum regulator commits to deploying SXM nationwide

Reading Time: 1 minute
We are pleased to announce the first phase of a major SXM deployment for a government spectrum regulator is on its way. Explore how SXM aids in safeguarding spectrum use for national economic and social benefit. Join the #spectrumrevolution #thinkRF https://youtu.be/XJ9yooD-BNw

Indoor RF Interference: Detection and Geolocation Demystified

Reading Time: 5 minutes
INTRODUCTION In today’s world, wireless services are essential for business operations across various industries. High-speed internet in offices and advanced wireless sensors in factories are just a few examples of how crucial uninterrupted wireless communication has become. However, as the use of these services increases, maintaining an efficient and reliable wireless environment becomes more complex….

thinkRF announces $2M investment from FedDev Ontario

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Government of Canada assistance will accelerate growth and product roadmap thinkRF today announced a $2M investment by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) designed to accelerate growth and new feature development. “Wireless is ubiquitous, allowing our mobile devices to stay connected. Until now, though, service providers and regulatory agencies lacked the…

Indoor RF Wireless Measurement: Enhancing Indoor Connectivity in Today’s Complex Wireless Environment

Reading Time: 4 minutes
INTRODUCTION The growing complexity of today’s wireless environment, driven by an increase in wireless devices and data traffic, highlights the need for precise optimization of indoor RF (Radio Frequency) wireless signals. This is crucial to ensure robust connectivity and high-quality service across Wi-Fi, 5G, and CBRS networks. Challenges in indoor settings include physical obstructions, electronic…

Join us at #EUSpectrum, @ForumEurope

Reading Time: 1 minute
thinkRF is thrilled to debut at Global Spectrum Europe #EUSpectrum! Visit us @ForumEurope to check out our real-time autonomous network intelligence and spectrum monitoring platform, SXM which is developed with a government regulator to assist with efficient spectrum allocation, enhanced spectrum planning, bolstered regulatory compliance, and improved cross-border coordination. Get a sneak peak before the…

thinkRF R6000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Reading Time: 1 minute
High performance RF applications for wireless situational awareness thinkRF Corp., the inventor of continuous and autonomous network intelligence platform, today announced the launch of their high-performance Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA), R6000. With advanced super-heterodyne radio design, high-speed Ethernet connectivity, and integrated GNSS for precise location and timestamping, the R6000 ensures accurate, real-time analysis. The R6000…

SXM Dashboard, network insights at your fingertips!

Reading Time: 1 minute
Why is SXM spectrum intelligence at your fingertips? SXM not only monitors, detects, and characterizes wireless networks, but also provides insights 3GPP network analytics, license occupancy by band and license usage by band, location of eNodeBs. You simply place SXM node/s in the area of interest and power it up. Log in to your SXM…

We’ll be there! #TWME

Reading Time: 1 minute
What is important for you; optimized spectrum usage, efficient network planning, improving interference management, enhancing spectrum acquisition policies, gaining competitive intelligence, improving spectrum planning or strengthening regulatory compliance? Let’s discuss RF monitoring at #TWME, @Telecoms World Middle East. Get a sneak peak before the #TWME debut and discover how our autonomous and continuous network intelligence…