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Unrivalled comprehensive network insights and analytics for network operators and government regulators

Experience the Future of Wireless Network Insights

The SXM Dashboard from thinkRF offers real-time insights and continuous analytics, empowering both regulatory agencies and wireless service providers to optimize spectrum utilization, mitigate interference, and enhance network performance like never before. With intuitive navigation, advanced analytics, and seamless integration of cloud-based data, the SXM Dashboard revolutionizes how you manage and protect your RF spectrum assets. SXM Dashboard unlocks advanced insights. It’s almost like having an RF Engineer inside! Stay ahead of the competition, ensure regulatory compliance, and unlock new possibilities for your wireless networks with the power of SXM. Experience the difference with SXM Dashboard today.

24/7 Continuous network insights & analytics

Key features for a smarter spectrum intelligence


Cloud-Based Data

Data is utilized from a distributed network of powerful thinkRF IoT sensors, combined with advanced analytics.


Intuitive GUI

Modern web technologies ensure easy navigation, with a left-side navigation bar and a content display window on the right.


Visual Exploration

Integrated map feature enables users to visually explore SXM node and base station locations.


Persistent Settings

Dashboard settings persist for seamless user experience across sessions.


3GPP Network Analytics

24/7 continuous access to analysis and insights derived from captured network data via SXM Nodes.

  • Automated collection of data through SXM nodes
  • Cloud stored and processed analysis for easy operation
  • Multi-operator view of regional 3GPP networks
  • Time-stamped and geo-tagged data for deep analysis for key use-cases
  • Cross-border and inter-network operator interference detection
  • Cross-border and inter-network operator interference and cause assessment
  • Detection of rogue 3GPP base stations

3GPP Network Analysis

24/7 continuous access to the original information-bearing signal from the carrier wave, down to SIB 3.

  • Sensor Node and base station locations
  • Base station power levels & time of day analysis

Spectrum License Usage

Monitor 3GPP spectrum license usage and utilization in real-time and learn about the changes as they happen.

  • Automated wireless operator spectrum usage analysis
  • Graphical summary of 3GPP spectrum licenses and usage

Key Use Cases & Benefits for National Regulatory Agency

National Regulatory Agencies can easily monitor, detect and characterize RF spectrum network usage anywhere to see how much of it is utilized, whether operators are compliant or not to their licenses. Simply power up SXM and start receiving network intelligence insights.

Enables regulatory agencies to monitor and manage RF spectrum effectively. They can track spectrum usage, identify unauthorized or interfering signals, and ensure compliance with spectrum regulations.

Facilitates troubleshooting of spectrum-related issues and interference complaints. Agencies can analyze 3GPP spectrum usage patterns, investigate interference sources, and resolve spectrum disputes efficiently.

Enables monitoring of spectrum license compliance and enforcement of spectrum regulations. Agencies can track licensed spectrum usage, detect unauthorized transmissions, and take enforcement actions against non-compliant operators.

Facilitates frequency allocation and spectrum planning activities. Agencies can analyze spectrum utilization trends, assess spectrum demand, and allocate frequencies efficiently to meet the needs of different wireless services.

Supports detection and mitigation of harmful interference in the RF spectrum. Agencies can identify sources of interference, investigate interference complaints, and implement measures to mitigate interference and protect spectrum users.

Helps network operators optimize spectrum utilization, mitigate interference issues, and enhance network performance. They can identify spectrum congestion, plan network deployments, and optimize coverage and capacity.

Assists in optimizing network performance and troubleshooting network issues. Operators can analyze network performance metrics, identify coverage gaps or interference sources, and implement corrective actions to enhance service quality.

Supports compliance with spectrum regulations and licensing requirements. Operators can ensure proper utilization of licensed spectrum, avoid interference with other operators, and maintain regulatory compliance to avoid penalties.

Aids in frequency planning and optimization for network deployments. Operators can identify available frequencies, assess spectrum availability for new services or technologies, and optimize frequency assignments to maximize network capacity and performance.

Helps in detecting and mitigating interference to ensure optimal network performance. Operators can identify sources of interference, implement interference mitigation techniques, and optimize network resources to minimize service disruptions.

Key Use Cases & Benefits for Network Operators

Network operators now have continuous access and ultimate visibility to the state of wireless technologies. They can characterize, optimize, utilize and protect vital RF spectrum networks with real-time insights. Simply power up SXM and start receiving network intelligence insights.

Demo the SXM Dashboard

The SXM Dashboard empowers both regulatory agencies and network operators to perform their daily activities more effectively and efficiently. By providing real-time insights into spectrum usage, network performance, and interference issues, the dashboard enables informed decision-making, proactive management, and compliance with spectrum regulations, ultimately leading to improved service quality and customer satisfaction. Access the real-time & continuous spectrum intelligence platform today!